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Description :

Madhujaya tablet is a combination of well researched herbs in ayurveda, Which have been used since ages to lower down the elevated blood sugar level and also to tackle other symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus. Some of the ingredients of this formulation also reduce cholesterol level, thus offering cardio protective action which helps in minimizing long term complications of Diabetes. An ayurvedic treatment / ayurvedic remedies for cholesterol, hyper cholesterol. An ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

  • Medhya
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
Ingredients :

Each table contains extract of satharni, Gudmaar, Jamun, Methi, Kudu Chiraita, Gokuroo, Harada, Nagarmutha, Haridra, Neem Patta, Ashvagandha, Awta, Sudh Silajeet.

Dosage :

One tablet twice a day with Luke warm water after meals OR as directed by physician.